Call of Duty hits The Boys Season 4 with blink-and-you-miss-it Easter egg

Nathan Warby
The Boys' Homelander in Warzone and MW3

Call of Duty and The Boys have crossed over multiple times across MW2, MW3, and Warzone, but now, players have spotted a subtle Easter egg in Season 4 of the Amazon series.

Crossovers are becoming a regular occurrence in Call of Duty, with high-profile franchises like The Walking Dead and even Dune making an appearance. One of the most popular has been The Boys, including Operators for characters like Homelander and Starlight, and multiple events across Warzone, MW3, and MW2.

Now, the collaboration has gone the opposite direction, after CoD players spotted an Easter egg in the show itself. The Boys Season 4 arrived on Amazon Prime, and the reference in question can be found in the very first episode.

When Vought are considering new candidates to join The Seven, the show’s Avengers-level superhero team, one of the profiles shown is for a character called “Wrangler.”

While it’s only onscreen for a brief moment, among Wrangler’s listed special skills are “Quick Scope” and “Slide Cancel,” as seen on a screenshot shared by reddit user ‘Eclitzz.’

The first is a tried-and-tested skill where players quickly snipe enemies immediately after looking through their scope. Meanwhile, slide canceling is a way of moving around the map quickly by initiating a slide before cutting it off, which has become the go-to for high-skill players in modern games.

Wrangler also had skills like “Hip Fire” and “Fast Draw,” which could also be a reference to shooting without aiming and the MW2 attachment perk respectively. Of course, some of these could be references to other first-person shooters, but given the history between the two franchises, it’s more likely to be a nod to Call of Duty.

That’s not the only DNA that The Boys Season 4 shares with CoD either, as one of the show’s new characters is also a familiar face. Frenchie’s new love interest, Colin Hauser, is played by Elliot Knight – who fans will know as Kyle “Gaz “Garrick from the remade Modern Warfare series.

Knight’s version of Gaz has appeared in Modern Warfare (2019), Modern Warfare 2 (2022), and Modern Warfare 3 (2023), playing a major role in each campaign and appearing as a multiplayer Operator.

It remains to be seen if these references mean that we can expect more The Boys content in MW3 and Warzone, but there are still plenty of crossovers to look forward to, from the ongoing Gundam event to the rumored Fallout collab in Season 4 Reloaded.