Black Ops 2 LEAKS onto Internet a week before Launch


It appears yesterday was the “un-official” launch day for Black Ops 2 as it has now spilled onto the internet. As Gamespot and Eurogamer reported, there are now tons of unofficial videos and live streams on the web, some good and some bad. The game was leaked via pirates for Jtag Xbox’s and also several retail copies are appearing on Craigslist and eBay worldwide. The widespread leak even prompted a response from Treyarch’s Game Design director:

Just a remidner, the official launch is only a week away. It’s up to you on what you decide to watch. Personally, we’re doing our best to try and avoid any campaign or zombie footage as we want to experience it first hand on our TV screens, in fact we’ve already seen to much and regret it. However if you’re like us and seek out every multiplayer leak out there and cant wait to see some new maps, you’re in luck because there will be several official live streams coming soon:

Official Live Streams coming up:
Nov. 8th (Thursday) at 11am PST –IGN
Nov. 12th (Monday) at 2pm PST –Machinima

SOURCE: Gamespot and Eurogamer

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