Use Scump’s best MW3 Ranked Play SMG loadout before it gets banned

Nathan Warby
MW3 player using RAM-9 SMG

The MW3 April 16 update made a number of previously restricted weapons available in Ranked Play. Now, former CoD champion Scump has revealed his best SMG loadout to dominate the competitive mode while it’s still around.

Modern Warfare 3 Ranked Play features a limited pool of weapons that mimics the CDL, but with the April 16 update, the devs made a number of fan-favorite options available as part of a limited trial. This includes the RAM-9, a popular SMG that has dominated multiplayer since arriving in Season 2.

Finding the right build is more vital than ever in competitive modes, and former CDL star Scump has shared his best RAM-9 loadout to take over the close-range meta in Ranked Play. Check it out below.

Scump’s best RAM-9 loadout for MW3 Ranked Play

  • Muzzle: Purifier Muzzle
  • Underbarrel: DR-6 Handstop
  • Rear Grip: Retort 90 Grip Tape
  • Comb: Recon Comb
  • Stock: HVS 3.4 Pad

In a Twitch stream after the April 16 update, Scump revealed his best RAM-9 loadout for MW3 Ranked Play, which focuses on eliminating much of its recoil. The Purifier Muzzle, Retort 90 Grip Tape, and HVS 3.4 Pad all buff the SMG’s stability to ensure each shot hits it target.

Meanwhile, the DR-6 Handstop and Recon Comb drastically improve the ADS sprint-to-fire speeds, allowing you to stay light on your feet and quickly snap onto targets.

After taking this setup for a spin in-game, the RAM-9 is much easier to handle than the formerly meta Rival-9 and WSP Swarm builds. It can easily hold its own towards the mid-range, while still absolutely deleting enemies in close-quarters fights.

The RAM-9, along with other new rivals like the BP50 and HRM-9 are only available in MW3 Ranked Play until April 23, so be sure to give this setup a go while you still can. However, if the feedback is positive enough, the devs have confirmed they will become a permanent addition to the CDL ruleset.

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