What is Warzone’s Sabotage Contract?

Hamza Khalid
armored trucks in Warzone

Warzone Pacific Season 3 brought a plethora of brand-new content, including a brand-new Contract. Here’s everything you need to know about this new Warzone Sabotage Contract.

Warzone Pacific players can complete in-game Contracts to earn bonus rewards that will provide them with a competitive advantage during battles, such as high-tier loot and extra cash.

Season 3 introduced plenty of fun content in Warzone Pacific, including the Nikita AVT and the brand-new Sabotage Contract. We’ll go over everything that you need to know about this Contract, including how to complete it.

Armored Transport Truck driving in Warzone

How to complete the Warzone Sabotage Contract

The Warzone Pacific Sabotage Contract requires you to hunt down a specific vehicle on the Caldera map within a set time limit. Your target will be heavily armored and armed with a turret.

Bringing down this vehicle will be no easy task, so we recommend using Launchers along with lethal equipment such as Semtex, Thermite, and C4 to dish out explosive damage to your target.

Once the vehicle has been taken down, you can collect some high-tier loot that it leaves behind. Successfully eliminating the target within the time limit will grant you a cash bonus higher Contract level, and Armored Truck deployment.

Warzone Operator running next to Armored Transport Truck

Since taking down your vehicle target is going to be difficult, we don’t recommend attempting the Sabotage Contract until you’ve put together a powerful loadout. Once you’re ready, you can find the objective all over the Caldera map.

It’s worth keeping in mind that deploying the Armoured Truck will draw the attention of your enemies, so you should be careful about other players that may show up to take you down.

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Image Credit: Activision