What is Warzone 2 Unhinged playlist? New mode explained

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Warzone 2 launched with a new Unhinged playlist, so here’s everything you need to know about the mode that is debuting in Season 1 of the battle royale sequel.

All eyes are on the launch of Warzone 2 and the start of Season 1 for both the battle royale and Modern Warfare 2. While certain players may gravitate toward the new DMZ mode, there will also be new Warzone 2 playlists to test out.

One of these new playlists is the Unhinged playlist which changes the way the battle royale is played. It retains the 150-player lobby that is customary in Warzone 2, but the Unhinged playlist allows players to shuffle from one squad to another.

What is Warzone 2’s Unhinged playlist?

Warzone 2’s Unhinged playlist breaks the boundaries of squad dynamics as it highlights the new Assimilation feature. With the new Assimilation feature, players can join other squads in a match.

Players must open their Tactical Ping Wheel to manage squad invitations.

The maximum number of players in one squad at any point is 6. This new element is sure to test your squad’s loyalty in Warzone 2. Furthermore, it adds a new layer of strategy as you may come up against a squad of six players, which is bound to be difficult to handle.

At the moment, players can choose from the following Warzone 2 playlist options: Solos, Duos, Unhinged Trios, Quads, and 3rd Person BR Trios.

At the start of Warzone 2 Season 1, the Unhinged playlist is locked into Trios, but expect that to change as new playlist updates hit the battle royale sequel.

Alongside Unhinged Trios, the new 3rd Person playlist is also making its debut with the launch of Warzone 2. The 3rd Person perspective returned to Call of Duty by way of Modern Warfare 2 and now it’s available in the battle royale as well.

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Image Credit: Activision

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