What do Warzone’s in-game alert icons mean?

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warzone alert icons

Warzone has a bunch of different alert icons that pop up on the player’s screen to indicate a variety of issues. If you’re wondering what they mean, we’ve got you covered.

Warzone Pacific is definitely not immune to bugs and server issues. Players have been reporting a variety of problems ever since the launch of Season 1.

Having said that, sometimes the issue may actually be on your side, especially if its connection related. There are many icons in Warzone that let players know what the issue actually is, and if you’d like to know what the icons mean, luckily someone in the community has detailed them.

Operators fighting in Warzone Pacific

You may have seen some of these Warzone alert icons in-game, and they may very well be frustrating you if you don’t actually know what they mean, especially if you’re experiencing a poor connection.

Reddit user EctoPoopy has kindly put together an image showing off all the alert icons in Warzone and also their descriptions for what they are.

Players will mostly be seeing the first three icons:

  1. High Latency
  2. Latency Variation
  3. Packet Burst

These are all to do with your internet speed, connection strength, and network traffic. Luckily, if you’re experiencing any of these issues there are some troubleshooting options detailed in the description of each Warzone alter icon.

Most of the time, these icons are indicating an issue with your network connection, some of which you will need to contact your ISP about.

There you have it, that’s all the Warzone alert icons and what they mean. For more improving your performance in Warzone, check out the best graphic settings for high FPS.

Image Credits: Activision / Raven Software

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