Warzone’s Operation Monarch LTM is perfect for leveling up weapons

Liam Mackay
warzone player shooting king kong in operation monarch ltm

If you’re looking to level up weapons in Call of Duty: Warzone, look no further than the Operation Monarch Godzilla vs King Kong LTM.

Warzone has over 150 weapons to choose from and there have never been so many that are viable. With the meta ever-changing, you might not have the best attachments for the meta weapons, so you’ll need to grind them up.

Most players would recommend Rebirth Island, Plunder, or Clash to quickly level up their guns, but the brand-new Godzilla vs King Kong Operation Monarch LTM is the perfect place to level up your guns and earn some free rewards while doing so.

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King Kong and Godzilla in Warzone Operation Monarch LTM

With its Resurgence mechanics, Double Weapon XP, and Titans towering over the map, there are a ton of opportunities to level up your weapons in Warzone’s Operation Monarch LTM.

The best time to earn a ton of weapon XP is during the Titan Frenzy event, where Warzone players are tasked with dealing as much damage to Kong and Godzilla as possible. You’ll be able to fire a ton of bullets at the Titans during the in-game event, and with the mode’s Double Weapon XP enabled, you’ll be flying through weapon levels while doing so.

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godzilla using heat ray breath in warzone operation monarch ltm

Operation Monarch also has Resurgence mechanics, so there should be a lot more opportunities for gunfights which help rank up guns. Plus, one of the best strategies to level up weapons is to roam around the map completing Contracts such as Supply Runs, and you can also do that in Operation Monarch.

Many players and top streamers have expressed their disappointment with the Operation Monarch event, where they feel the trailer set a “false expectation.” However, if you enjoy the new LTM for what it is, you’ll be able to level up a ton of weapons in the two weeks that the playlist is available.

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For more on Operation Monarch, you can check out how to collect Monarch Intel and how to use the new S.C.R.E.A.M. Device Killstreak.

Image Credit: Activision

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