Warzone’s Operation Monarch brings “a ton” of Godzilla & Kong Easter Eggs: “Get hunting”

Liam Mackay
Caldera Dig Site POI in Warzone Season 3

Call of Duty has always been chock-full of Easter Eggs, and Senior Creative Director Ted Timmins confirmed that Warzone’s Operation Monarch will bring “a ton” of King Kong and Godzilla Easter Eggs and advised players to “get hunting.” 

Easter Eggs and puzzles have long been a part of Call of Duty, particularly in Zombies. Warzone continued the trend by adding secrets such as Bunker 11, Rebirth Island’s Yellow Door, and the Red Door Easter Egg. Plenty more arrived with Rebirth Island Reinforced in Season 2 Reloaded, and there are even more on the way. 

Speaking with CharlieIntel ahead of Season 3, Raven Software’s Senior Creative Director Ted Timmins said that players can expect to find “a ton” of King Kong and Godzilla Easter Eggs. Plus, there are some “really cool Easter Eggs coming in for Season 4.” 

Monolith in Warzone Season 3 Operation Monarch event

Warzone Pacific Season 3 brings the classic movie monsters Godzilla and King Kong to Caldera as part of May 11’s Operation Monarch event. But that’s not all that’s changing, as Caldera is receiving significant map changes ahead of their arrival. 

Alongside Peak’s overhaul and the new Dig Site POI, players should be on the lookout for  ancient artifacts, Monarch Research equipment, tents, and the “massive glowing axe jutting out of the ground right near the Resort.”

That’s not all though, as Timmins teased there will be “a ton” of Easter Eggs “for Operation Monarch in Season 3 related to the films.” Plus, there will also be “some really cool Easter Eggs coming in for Season 4,” where Caldera will see one of the biggest shifts its had since launch. 

Kong's Battle Axe in Warzone Season 3 Caldera

But Timmins didn’t give any clue to what these Easter Eggs are or where they can be found, as that’s all part of the fun. He explained that “The charm of an Easter Egg is a player finds it and it goes viral,” and it would be “such a loss” to players who want to find them themselves. “That’s ultimately why we do these things, we do it so the players can find the secrets that Caldera holds.”  

All Timmins had to say on the matter is that players should “get hunting,” as there will be plenty to discover throughout Season 3 and beyond. 

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Image Credit: Activision

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