Warzone’s new hardware bans finally stops hackers from making new accounts

Nathan Warby
Warzone Hardware Ban

Players have been complaining about the number of hackers in Warzone for some time. Well, devs are finally tackling it with “anti-cheat,” and one hacker has revealed he was hit with hardware bans, meaning he couldn’t even play on a new account.

Hackers have been causing problems in Call of Duty: Warzone for a while now. It’s caused big names such as NICKMERCS to stop playing the game, and it’s even led to some streamers resorting to using hacks themselves.

Thankfully, alongside the reveal of Call of Duty: Vanguard it was announced that “anti-cheat” would be coming to Warzone, in an effort to solve one of the biggest problems plaguing the battle royale.

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Raven Software recently carried out a ban in which it suspended 50,000 players, bringing the total to 650,000. However, fans claimed this did little to solve the issue, as many would just make a new account and continue to cheat.

It appears the devs have been listening to the feedback and going forward, hackers will no longer be able to simply create a new profile to navigate bans. That’s according to a viral TikTok in which a hacker explained that he has been hit with a hardware ban, stopping him from playing on all of his accounts.

However, there are reports that the cheating site they used had a failed launch for their spoofer. If true, the cheat developers will now have a way of preventing these hardware bans.

“I’ve been cheating for a little bit, I’ve been posting TikToks and it’s been fun,” said the user. “Every one of my accounts is banned. Every single one. Without even me playing it. They hardware banned my sh*t.”


He revealed that even a new account that he just made was automatically banned before he had even played a game with it. The user went on to praise Activision for taking matters into its own hands and banning players who are cheating in a way that will prevent them from immediately coming back.

He also said that the new feature will open the door for content creators who recently jumped ship to return the game with Vanguard, adding “there’s no more cheating in Warzone, I guarantee that.”

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Image credits: Activision

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