Warzone’s frustrating Loadout glitch is back and it’s worse than ever

Liam Mackay
Warzone players fighting beside loadout drop

Warzone players have been fighting against Raven Software’s decision to delay Loadout Drops until after the first circle, and the situation has been made even worse by these delayed Loadouts falling through the map again.

Warzone instantly set itself apart from the rest of the battle royale genre by including Loadout Drops where players can pick up their own pre-built weapons. The Warzone Pacific update put a delay on these loadouts, preventing players from getting one until after the first circle, and players have been demanding change.

This Loadout Drop delay has only got more frustrating for players as the Loadout Drops are now falling straight through Caldera, making them impossible to grab.

Loadout Drop falling in Warzone

Warzone players need to wait almost seven minutes until they can buy a Loadout Drop, and many are hoping this change will be reverted in February’s Season 2 update.

But sometimes it’s not even worth the wait as a frustrating Loadout Drop glitch that originated in Verdansk has now hit Caldera.

Several Warzone players have complained that their free Loadout Drop has fallen straight through the map. Most often, this happens when the Loadout lands on Peak, the volcano in the middle of the map, but it’s being reported elsewhere too.

Reddit users ‘AnduriII’ and ‘harshmangat’ both had their Loadouts fall straight through the Fields POI. All of the comments were filled with players reporting the exact same issue.

There’s another issue where players are freezing at Buy Stations and Loadout Drops, but it doesn’t look like the falling through the map issue is on Raven’s radar. They have a ton of bugs and issues listed on their Trello board, but there’s no sign of this glitch yet.

Warzone’s next major update will be Season 2 on February 14, but hopefully, Raven Software will get on top of some of these game-breaking issues before then.

Image Credit: Activision / Raven Software

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