Warzone’s best Solos weapon comes as a nasty surprise

Liam Mackay
warzone solos player vaulting

Warzone players are always looking for the next meta weapon to dominate matches, and thanks to WZ Ranked, we know the weapon with the highest Solos win ratio. However, it might come as a nasty surprise.

Warzone Solos is one of the toughest game modes, where there’s nobody to revive you or cover your back. The best weapons in the game still apply, but you might need to come up with some more stealthy or defensive strategies to win.

This is where one particular weapon comes in. Even though it’s far from the most popular, a weapon that players absolutely hate to come up against has the highest win rate in Warzone Solos.

Warzone player fighting with a Riot Shield

Despite having a low pick rate, data from WZ Ranked revealed that it’s Modern Warfare’s Riot Shield that has the highest win ratio of 2.01%, and a very impressive 1.14% K/D ratio.

Of course, the Riot Shield is most effective in Solos matches because it’s easy for a full team to surround a Riot Shield user. But if you’re by yourself with a Riot Shield in front of you, you’re probably out of luck — especially if they use Stun Grenades or Flashbangs.

Warzone players have long been frustrated with Riot Shields, annoyed that players can use the shield’s complete protection to easily win fights. And with the new meta of Stims, Snapshots, and Throwing Knives, there’s very little a player can do to take them down.

WZ Ranked shows Riot Shield's win rate in Warzone Solos

Interestingly, players who run a Riot Shield win Duos matches even more often, but they also seem to die a lot more, with the melee weapon only having a K/D of 0.92 in Duos. This would make sense, as it’s easier for a duo team to surround the Riot Shield user and take them down.

While you might hear some classic-gamer rage in the death comms, it appears that the Riot Shield is the most effective way to win a game of Battle Royale Solos. But if you prefer a gun in your hands then the LAPA, Welgun, and ZRG 20mm follow-up the Riot Shield.

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Image Credit: Activision / WZ Ranked

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