Warzone starter pistol melee damage nerfed in Season 4 update

Joseph Pascoulis
Warzone Season 4 1911 nerf

It seems the Warzone developers noticed the powerful nature of the Black Ops Cold War starting pistol and have decided to give it a nerf in Season 4.

Warzone Season 4 has finally dropped, and players can now experience all the updates to the game.

From 120fps on PS5 to new weapons and even an Armored Truck, Warzone has been given loads of new content and updates, one of which affects the melee damage of the Black Ops Cold War 1911 starter pistol.

Warzone Season 4 1911 nerf

There have been recent complaints regarding the unfair nature of starting pistols in Warzone, especially in Rebirth Resurgence, where players feel everyone in the lobby should be given the same one.

Although Season 4 will not be bringing this change, there is a significant Black Ops Cold War pistol nerf that shows the developer’s willingness to update the pistols in Warzone.

As Warzone players will know, most weapons will down an enemy with 2 melee hits, unless they initiate an execution from behind. Punching players with your fists will take down an enemy in around 4 or 5 hits, which is much less efficient.

With that being said, many players felt that the two hit melee on the 1911 starting pistol should be nerfed, as players would land and feel hard done by when their bullets do less damage than the pistol’s melee.

Warzone Season 4 1911 melee nerf

Warzone Season 4 1911 nerf

Before the Season 4 update, just like any other weapon, the 1911 starter pistol would bring down an enemy in two melee hits, which is obviously very powerful and often used in-game, especially at the beginning of matches.

With the new Season 4 update, the 1911 starting pistol will require 3 hits to down a player, which is still pretty quick but will definitely help with balancing and fights off drop.

Here’s the update in the official patch notes:

  • 1911 (BOCW) starter Handgun now requires three hits to gain bonus Finisher damage instead of two.
  • This change will increase the number of melee hits needed for this Weapon to down an enemy at 200hp by 1.

This is a very interesting nerf and has the potential to also change the other pistols’ melee damage depending on the community’s response.

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Image Credits: Activision / Raven Software