Warzone Season 5’s Battle Hardened buff results in major Stun Grenade nerf

Luca Di Marzo
Warzone Season 5 Operators

The effectiveness of Stun Grenades will take a major hit in Warzone Season 5, as the devs decided to deliver a significant buff to the Battle Hardened Perk.

Perks were far from the focus of the Warzone Season 5 update, but the two Perks that will undergo changes could impact the battle royale’s top picks. Fort starters, players will be delighted to discover that the Serpentine Perk will receive a deserved nerf later on in Season 5.

However, a big change to Battle Hardened arrived with the Season 5 update on August 24. Battle Hardened effectively reduces the strength of enemy Tacticals like Flash and Stun Grenades.

Previously, Battle Hardened’s Stun and Flash resistance clocked in at 50% and 70% respectively. The Season 5 update has buffed Battle Hardened and the resistance to enemy Stun Grenades has skyrocketed.

Warzone Stun Grenades

Following the Season 5 update, Battle Hardened will now provide players with an 80% resistance to both Stun and Flash Grenades. While the 10% increase in Flash resistance is a welcome addition, Stun resistance has increased by a whopping 30%.

With more players likely to equip Battle Hardened after this major buff, Stung Grenades are certainly going to feel less effective. This major nerf to Stun Grenades in Season 5 could even see them phased out of Warzone’s top Tactical picks, as an 80% resistance is quite significant.

The devs explained their decision to buff Battle Hardened and nerf Stun Grenades as a result:

“We felt we could bring more value to Battle Hardened, especially as it is now present as a lootable ground Perk, with our target for the effects of Stun and Flash to be mitigated to less than a second with the Perk equipped. Some Players may wonder why this change is happening now, to which our reply is that there may be a surprise in-store during Season Five that warrants this change.”

There’s no telling what the devs could be hinting at when they suggest that a surprise is in-store, but if they’re correct then these changes are bound to make more sense to players as Season 5 continues.

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