Warzone Season 2 Theory – Zombies may overtake all of Verdansk

Nicholas Sakadelis
Black Ops Cold War's Warzone Zombie Terminal

The Call of Duty: Warzone map as we know it may be overtaken by the undead over the course of Season 2, per the analysis of popular Easter Egg hunter and YouTuber, GeekyPastimes.

The Season 2 update for Black Ops Cold War is massive, bringing us three new weapons (Machete Melee Weapon, Fara 83 Assault Rifle, and the LC10 SMG) as well as the new Warzone locations and the Zombies Outbreak event and mode.

With all these new additions, Treyarch isn’t backing down with the content, and it seems that the Zombie infestation that has made its way to Verdansk may be spreading, per speculation by YouTuber GeekyPastimes.

The Zombie outbreak is spreading…

If you switch to the overhead map of Verdansk, you may notice that the Shipwreck area has a clawmark over it, signifying that it has been overrun by Zombies.

According to a Tweet by GeekyPastimes, he believes that this clawmark will begin to appear in other locations across Verdansk as the Zombie outbreak continues.

He continues, linking the Zombies computers to the progress of the outbreak stating “And isn’t there 20 locations, so one of them being overrun at the moment is 5%, which is what this machine is measuring. Maybe we have to wait for these to get to 100%?

This insight would make sense, as each new area gets invaded by the zombie horde, the percentage would increase until the entire map is overtaken. Perhaps when it hits 100%, we will be able to trigger a special event on the map in preparation for the new Black Ops Cold War-themed map, rumored to drop in April.

If true, we should expect the zombie outbreak to intensify across Verdansk in the coming weeks. We’ll be sure to keep you updated if we see any developments.

Image Credits: Treyarch/Activision