Warzone players want to see the secret RAAL LMG return in Season 4

Liam Mackay
Warzone RAAL LMG

The unreleased RAAL LMG made its debut as ground loot in Warzone Season 2 but has been missing ever since, and players are hoping to see it make a return soon.

We’re still a few weeks out from Season 4, so Activision hasn’t given even a hint for what weapons we can expect in the next season. Warzone players will be able to use Cold War’s Baseball Bat once the new season drops, but so far, that’s all we know.

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However, there are two unreleased weapons that players are still waiting to get their hands on. Along with the once-overpowered Sykov Pistol, the RAAL LMG and CX-9 SMG were able to be unlocked in Modern Warfare’s private matches. As some players prefer the feel of MW’s weapons in Warzone, all of these weapons are highly anticipated, and players want to see them in the full game soon.

RAAL LMG in Warzone

In Season 2, players expected these weapons to drop soon when Blueprints for them could be found as ground loot. These weapons’ time in the game was short-lived for some reason, as they were soon removed from ground loot without any word from Raven Software.

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The Sykov Pistol arrived later in Season 2 and CoD 4’s Killhouse map, but there has been no sign of the RAAL and CX-9 since. A Reddit post by spideyjiri highlighted that players are still waiting to see these weapons in the game.

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Our Reddit user said, “Everyone’s talking about new Cold War guns, and I’m just wondering when are we gonna get the RAAL?” They accompanied the question along with footage of the RAAL dominating when it could be found in Warzone.

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Many players took to the comments to agree with spideyjiri, with one user saying, “This thing looks like a monster, definitely going to level up this when it releases.” Those who used it during the time confirmed it’s insanely powerful, and are looking forward to properly using it in-game.

It’s entirely possible that the RAAL LMG or CX-9 will be added to Modern Warfare and Warzone in a surprise update, but because they’re not Cold War weapons, it’s unlikely that they’ll be officially part of Season 4.

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Image Credit: Activision / COD Tracker

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