Warzone players slam Raven for “reducing skill gap” with time-to-kill increase plans

Matt Porter
Warzone players in Pacific Caldera

Call of Duty players have slammed Raven Software’s plans to increase the game’s time-to-kill, claiming it will lower the skill gap and cater to worse players.

Warzone Pacific’s launch hasn’t gone as smoothly as Raven would have hoped. From issues and glitches to weapons like the Double-Barreled Shotgun dominating matches, players have been asking for major updates from the devs.

Unfortunately, the anger doesn’t appear to be going anywhere. Raven’s confirmation that they intend to increase the TTK (time-to-kill) of all Warzone guns by increasing ADS time has been met with anguish from players, who claim it will only serve to close the skill gap between good and bad players.

Warzone players aiming down sights

Raven confirm ADS changes

Raven officially confirmed their plans to increase aim down sight times on January 8, tweeting that they would be doing this for guns from all three titles integrated with Warzone.

“This will increase Time to Kill slightly as ADS times should be considered when calculating practical TTK values,” they wrote. “Additionally, it will give us room to emphasize the differences between weapon classes.”

Warzone fans claim it “reduces skillgap”

Warzone players were not impressed by the news, with DefunctHunk_COD taking to Reddit to explain why this would only make the game easier for bad players.

“If Raven really wanted to increase TTK, all they would have to do is increase base health to 150 or 200,” they wrote. “Iron Trials showed us that it’s really simple, and it works wonders in creating variety engagements.”

DefunctHunk_COD went on the say that increasing ADS times would make engagements slower, and leave competitors “no longer able to utilize movement to take on multiple enemies at a time.”

“This is just another step in lowering the skill ceiling and catering towards lower-ability players. Call a spade a spade. Don’t make these changes under the guise of something else that players actually want, when in reality you’re just trying to make sure noobs don’t leave the game.”

Others agreed with the take, commenting that making jumping lower and slower would achieve a similar result, while others claimed you shouldn’t be able to aim while jumping or diving.

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Whether Raven will continue down this path remains to be seen, but it’s clear that a portion of the community are not pleased with this change.

Whether a higher TTK will create a lower skill gap is also unclear. Blackout and Warzone’s own Iron Trials mode both had a slower time-to-kill, and both are looked back on fondly. Either way, we can expect to see these changes in a future update, along with nerfs for the Bren and MP-40.

Image Credits: Raven Software