Warzone players reveal the most underrated perk in Season 6

Nathan Warby
High Alert in Warzone Season 6

Warzone Season 6 is in full swing, and fans are back to swapping and changing their loadout to gain the upper hand. In the new season, fans have the perk they think is the most underrated in the game.

Warzone Season 6 is set to be the last on Verdansk, with big changes coming on the horizon with Vanguard integration.

That hasn’t stopped fans from embracing the nerfs and buffs of the latest season, as they desperately hunt the perfect loadout.

Perks are a vital part of any Warzone setup, and fans feel that High Alert might be a hidden gem in Season 6.

Perks in Warzone

Reddit user DefunctHunk_COD uploaded a video with which he argued that High Alert is the most underrated perk in Warzone.

High Alert is a red perk that lights up the screen when an opponent outside the field view aims at you, letting you know which direction they are in.

In the video, the player is sniping when the perk saves them from certain death by alerting them to the presence of an enemy in a nearby building.

The rival player would have had a clear shot, but High Alert allowed them to take cover and secure the kill for themselves.

Other fans responded singing the praises of the perk. “I’ve been using high alert for months. Absolutely insane perk!” said one user.

“High Alert and Combat Scout has gotten me a ridiculous amount of hackusations, especially in areas with paper mache walls,” replied another.

Players who gravitate towards snipers, in particular, found that it can be a lifesaver when someone tries to take a shot from a different direction.

High Alert perk in Warzone

Despite its added bonus of allowing players to hear enemies using Dead Silence, High Alert only has a usage rate of 2.5%.

Fans argued that the popularity of Cold Blooded, which counters the perk’s effect, makes it slightly less viable than something like Ghost.

We’ll have to wait and see if High Alert emerges as a favorite in Season 6, but the likes of Ghost and Restock might be tough to replace.

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Image credits: Activision

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