Warzone players frustrated as Cold War weapons “overshadow” Modern Warfare’s in Season 4

Liam Mackay
Captain Price and Woods fighting in Warzone

Although Warzone is in perhaps the most balanced state it’s ever been, recent buffs have caused Black Ops Cold War’s weapons to completely outshine their Modern Warfare counterparts in Season 4.

When Black Ops Cold War and Warzone first integrated, weapon balance was in a weird place. This caused the start of the DMR 14 and MAC-10 meta, as they completely outshined every other weapon in the game. However, the rest of Cold War’s weapons were seriously lackluster compared to the Modern Warfare guns that players had been fighting with previously.

Raven Software have been working hard on honing in the weapon balance, and the majority of these changes have been buffs to Cold War’s weapons. Warzone Season 3 Reloaded gave a major buff to Cold War’s Sniper Rifles, and the Season 4 update has reduced almost all recoil from Assault Rifles and LMGs.

This has caused Cold War weapons to dominate the meta, and players are frustrated that their favorite Modern Warfare weapons are no longer viable.

Adler and Farah in Warzone and Black Ops Cold War integration

When Warzone and Cold War integrated, there was supposed to be much more option in your loadout choice. However, players believe that the choice is still limited, as Cold War weapons dominate the meta.

Reddit user aliarrrr explained how Modern Warfare’s guns are “overshadowed” by their Cold War equivalents. They blame the attachments for this imbalance, saying that Cold War attachments are “busted and fail to offer any downside.”

Breaking down every attachment, they said that Cold War’s suppressors, barrels, magazines, stocks, and grips are much better than Modern Warfare’s. “It is the attachments that make CW guns better than MW ones, not the base weapons,” aliarrrr concluded.

Some players brought up Season 4’s Task Force barrel buff, which not only gives a massive boost to range, but it also almost completely eliminates recoil. Modern Warfare doesn’t have a barrel attachment that does this, and Reddit user pathmt displayed the massive disparity between the weapons.

User Wastoncp1 believes that this is “the natural progression” of the game, and “we should all be expecting MW to be phased out.” However, Raven Software previously promised to buff “struggling” Modern Warfare weapons and began to deliver on this promise in Season 4 with a buff to the SCAR.

Raven have been on top of weapon balance so hopefully, now that Cold War weapons are in a good place, the focus will shift to buffing Modern Warfare’s weapons back to their former glory.

To see how Modern Warfare’s weapons stack up against Cold War’s, check out our tier list where we’ve ranked every Warzone primary weapon.

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