Warzone players call for “overpowered” Kar98k and Swiss K31 flinch to be nerfed

Joseph Pascoulis
Warzone kar98k swiss k31 flinch nerf

Some Warzone players are unhappy with how the developers have dealt with balancing snipers, suggesting the lack of flinch needs to be nerfed for two of the most popular ones.

Warzone Season 5 introduced some new weapons into the game, including the recent addition of the RAAL LMG, which JGOD had a few words to say about.

Both the C58 and Tec-9 have been interesting additions to the Warzone weapon meta, but some players are having issues with some of the older weapons.

warzone kar98k swiss k31 flinch nerf

Sniping has been a staple part of not just Warzone but Call of Duty as a whole for a very long time now. Players love using snipers and testing their might against players with fully automatic weapons. However, some players think certain snipers are a bit overpowered in Season 5.

Reddit user thecremeegg posted their opinion on the Kar98k and the Swiss K31: “Can we talk flinch on the Kar & Swiss?”

The issue players are having seems to be with the flinch on these weapons, or the lack of it, to be exact. In Warzone, guns possess a certain amount of flinch when being shot at, affecting a player’s aim.

The argument is that these snipers need more flinch to make it harder for players to get headshots when they are being shot at: “If I get the jump on you and start shooting you with an LMG, breaking your armour, you should be suppressed, not able to just stand and tank it and get a headshot off. These guns are bordering on OP enough as it is, without this flinch issue. ARGH!”

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Other Warzone players agree in the comments, suggesting that these snipers, especially the Kar98k, have been dominant for way too long, and players would like a nerf: Flinch+High chest damage, they are overtuned in both things.”

However, on the other hand, one user does make a valid argument for why these weapons are so strong, stating that “the skill level you need to operate these guns is a bit higher than that of say the krig,” hence their power.

Whatever happens to these weapons, whether the devs decided to nerf them or not, you can’t satisfy both parties. Having said that, a small nerf to the flinch may be what these dominant snipers need to bring them into balance.

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