Warzone players call for major changes to Season 3 floor loot & attachments

cod warzone season 3

Amid all the changes that Season 3 has brought to Warzone, one difference not being considered is the game’s ground loot which is currently overlooking the importance of its optic attachments.

It doesn’t matter who you are, when you deploy into Warzone, you all have an equal chance from that moment to grab a gun, kill an enemy, and progress.

Now, there is a slice of luck regarding the first weapon you encounter. One player could grab a rapid LC10, whereas someone else might have to work with a more sluggish weapon like the M60. But one thing Raven Software doesn’t seem to have considered too much is the optics attached.

Which has caused one player to say that it makes “fights feel really weird as a result.” Plus, Warzone seems to be littered with the same few weapons and it’s making for all-too-familiar battles.

cod warzone lmg gameplay

demonloader says that “The optics on most guns on the floor are either high-zoom or iron sights, making the mid-range fights (around 40m-80m) extremely weird. You’re forced to either use iron sights for that range, or an optic that has a sniper-level zoom. Anything in between (Like a 1.5x optic or so) isn’t available on the ground loot anymore.”

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Whilst the notion was also agreed with by other commenters, they also think that Warzone’s loot, in general, could do with a rethink.

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“The sights don’t bother me. The sheer number of M60’s, Streetsweepers in a landing zone ABSOLUTLEY bothers me. I land in a zone, go into a building, 9 weapon drops. ALL OF THEM ARE STREETSWEEPERS. WTF? Did the Army just have a crate of these lying around and decided the same building should have all of them?” said Ginshen2020.

Every season usually sees the change of ground lot to keep dropping into Warzone fresh and more exciting. But a lack of 1.5x-2x scopes does create an imbalance in the game’s early gunplay.

Warzone Season 3 is proving to be a very interesting period of time for the game as its map has obviously undergone its most significant changes for some time due to the nuke event.

Furthermore, the game’s meta is currently as open as it has been for some time with the era of burst rifles and the FFAR being over. Various Assault Rifles and SMGs are now being used with the FARA, AMAX, AK-47, LC10, and more all being used prominently.

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Image credits: Activision

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