Warzone players call for Caldera to receive exciting Fortnite and Battlefield 2042 mechanic

warzone pacific makin night waw

Warzone players are calling for the devs to introduce mechanics from Fortnite and Battlefield 2042 to improve the game and make it more exciting.

With disappointment still floating around the community about the poor performance of Warzone on console and the delay of Season 2, players are coming up with ideas to improve the game.

As players haven’t been too happy with Caldera, it seems one idea is catching some attention that introduces mechanics from Fortnite and Battlefield 2042’s maps.

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Reddit user Chief-Aldo put a post up in the Warzone subreddit suggesting a very interesting idea that seems to be gaining some momentum.

The post is suggesting that Raven Software introduce “random weather events” and a “day/night” time mechanic that is randomized for every match.

The user claims that these mechanics would “improve the game massively” by opening up the weapon meta. The idea is that some weapons would fare better in different weather events/times of day.

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The example given is that “using an iron sight Grau at night in the rain is not the best loadout to select, so you would select a hybrid sight on a C58. Or selecting a sniper is a much better option for when it snows.”

These are mechanics seen in both Battlefield 2042 and Fortnite. Battlefield 2042 is known for its crazy weather events and Fortnite’s map has a day and night cycle that changes as you play.

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Some players are enjoying this idea and even suggesting that this change should come in Warzone 2: “That’s something they could add in Warzone 2 when it launches. Your point is good too! The game doesn’t need 120 guns. Instead it needs a good reason to use more diverse set of loadouts and attachments.”

On the other hand, some are more skeptical, claiming that players may leave if they get a time of day or weather event they don’t enjoy: “If the weather or time of day has any effect on the gameplay then people will just quit when it’s not something they like.”

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Of course, we’ll have to wait and see what happens with Warzone 2 as more information is released, but it seems players would find it pretty cool to see some big changes like this added to the game.

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Image Credits: Raven Software / Activision