Warzone players beg for major buffs to “horrible” Vanguard Sniper Rifles

Hamza Khalid
Kar98k in Warzone

Warzone players aren’t impressed with the current state of Vanguard’s Sniper Rifles, and they’re calling for the developers to implement some major buffs to the weapon class.

Warzone players gained access to a variety of new weapons after the Vanguard integration. This includes some impressive Sniper Rifles like 3-Line Rifle, Kar98k, and the Gorenko.

However, this weapon class has come under fire from fans, with many dubbing these Sniper RIfles as the worst in Call of Duty history. Now, players are asking the developers for a major buff.

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Call of Duty Vanguard Kar98 in Warzone

Reddit user ‘SP4R74N’ highlighted this issue in a post in the CoD: Warzone subreddit. They brought up that after leveling up all the Vanguard Sniper Rifles, they were unimpressed with how they performed.

“Not sure if they’ve done velocity testing yet but they all feel super clunky,” the Redditor explained. After claiming that these weapons suffer from “poor ADS,” they stated that the 3-Line is the only Sniper with decent velocity.

They also claimed that the Vanguard Sniper Rifles all have “horrible” starting reticle which can only be upgraded by Warzone players if they own the game. Many of the commenters agreed with these points.

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“I don’t get why it sucks on Warzone,” commented one user. “The VG Kar98 hits hella hard on Vanguard, but I tried it in Warzone and I was shooting pellets. Sh*t was horrible.”

Some of the players came to the defense of the Vanguard Kar98k. “I’m having fun with the VG K98k,” wrote one fan. “Definitely not as good as the Swiss/Kar, but I don’t really like either of them for some reason. I prefer a heavier feeling Sniper.”

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Another commenter stated that Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle functions well in both Warzone and Vanguard. Overall, the response to the post was players calling for some major buffs to this weapon class.

At the time of writing, we don’t know for sure whether or not the developers will be implementing some changes to Vanguard’s Sniper Rifles in Warzone, but we’ll be sure to let you know if they do.

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