Warzone player shows just how bad the Crossbow is after major Season 5 nerf

Luca Di Marzo
warzone season 5 crossbow nerf

The Crossbow has been a fan-favorite Warzone weapon for some time, but a major Season 5 nerf has players furious with the current state of the weapon. One player has the evidence to prove just how bad the Crossbow currently is.

The Warzone Season 5 update delivered a ton of new content to enjoy including a Heroes vs Villains event and new weapons. In addition to bringing new content to Warzone, the update also tweaked existing content via Caldera and Rebirth Island changes, as well as weapon buffs and nerfs.

Warzone’s meta hasn’t changed drastically as a result of Season 5 buffs and nerfs, but a major nerf to the Crossbow has players questioning if a change was truly warranted. One player has shared a clip of the Crossbow post nerf, and it’s shocking to discover how far the weapon has fallen.

The Crossbow was far from being a dominant Warzone weapon prior to the nerf. Not only was it not considered dominant, but the weapon was far from being one of the most popular in Warzone. Nonetheless, it remained a niche pick for players who had a lot of fun utilizing the unique weapon, until the Season 5 nerf came along.

As you can see from the clip above posted to the Warzone subreddit, the Crossbow’s effectiveness has vanished. Previously, the Crossbow would reward players with a down if they hit their target. However, following Season 5 nerfs to the weapon’s damage output, hitting your target no longer consistently results in a down.

Players are baffled by the decision to nerf a weapon that seemed balanced: “Yikes. Pretty much zero reason to use it now if it doesn’t even down.” Most of the comments under the post reveal that with its ability to consistently down gone, it’s useless in Season 5.

One player revealed that, “It downs chest, neck, and head,” but another player’s comedic response reveals why this has very little impact on the weapon’s viability: “So basically a budget pre nerf type 99 with 1 ammo. Why even bother lol.”

With the Crossbow’s damage nerfed, Warzone players see very little reason to use a weapon that’s difficult to aim and can only fire one bolt at a time.

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Image Credit: Activision

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