Warzone Pacific Season 2 attachment changes you need to make after update nerfs

Luca Di Marzo
Warzone Pacific Season 2 skin

Using optimal weapon attachments is the key to Warzone success. Season 2’s major Warzone update nerfed some popular attachments leaving players scrambling to discover the new top options.

Alongside new content such as Redeploy Balloons and Nebula V ammo, Warzone Season 2 also delivered major weapon balancing changes.

Weapon attachments don’t always receive the same attention as weapon buffs and nerfs when updates are released, which leaves players clueless as to the best attachments for their Warzone loadouts.

Here are the attachments you need to swap from your Warzone Season 2 loadouts immediately.

Stg44 and Mp40 loadouts Warzone

With ten different weapon attachment categories for Vanguard weapons, choosing the optimal combination is more confusing than it has ever been in Warzone.

Checking out our loadout guides for specific weapons is a great idea but if you’re looking for a general update on which attachments to remove from all of your loadouts here’s a quick breakdown.

The major changes affect the barrel, muzzle, and ammunition categories.

MX Silencer

MX Silencer attachment

You’re going to want to swap the Mercury Silencer for the MX Silencer on your long-range weapon loadouts. The Mercury Silencer no longer provides vertical recoil control which severely diminishes its ability to keep your weapon shooting straight.

The MX Silencer muzzle attachment will offer the stability you’re looking for without sacrificing damage range.

Hollow Point

Owen Gun gunsmith

The Season 2 update delt a nerf to both Incendiary and Lengthened ammo types. Seeing as these were extremely popular options, players might be wondering what to turn to next.

It turns out your long-range loadouts can continue to use Lengthened because the added bullet velocity is still worthwhile for a long-range weapon.

However, your Submachine Gun loadouts like the MP40 or Owen Gun should switch Incendiary ammo for Hollow Point ammo. The nerf to Incendiary ammo has made it awful therefore Hollow Point is emerging as the next top choice thanks to the added limb damage it provides.

Long barrels

STG 44 Vanguard AR

This change is the trickiest to detail as the barrel names change from weapon to weapon. However, the important thing to note is after buffs to long barrels, you’ll want to ensure that they are equipped on your long-range loadouts.

The Season 2 patch notes reveal that certain long barrels received a drastic increase to bullet velocity but your in-game Warzone menu will not show this new information. This is likely a bug that Raven will look to fix in an upcoming update.

For example, the STG44‘s VDD 760mm 05B is one of these buffed barrels that may seem worse when you’re looking through its pros and cons in the create a class menu. Always make sure you’re using the longest barrel possible for long-range weapons in Warzone Season 2.

You can check out WhosImmortal’s video for a full breakdown of the most important changes.

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Image Credit: Activision / WhosImmortal

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