Warzone K/D stats prove players are overlooking powerful Season 3 SMG

Luca Di Marzo
Armaguerra SMG Warzone

A powerful SMG has been Season 3’s best-kept secret as Warzone stats prove it has what it takes to be one of the best in the game, despite being overlooked by players.

The major Warzone Season 3 update and May 4 update introduced a wide range of buffs and nerfs to the battle royale. Players are still getting to grips with all of the changes that impacted both the close-range and long-range meta.

In terms of close-range weapons, players continue to utilize the overpowered Owen Gun despite recent nerfs, and the Welgun is proving to be another top option. However, one SMG is slipping under the radar with an impressive K/D.

Warzone Armaguerra 43

The Armaguerra SMG was added to Warzone as a Season 2 Reloaded weapon. It received a nerf shortly after it was added to the game, but Season 3 has been kind to the SMG. Some major buffs have seen it rise to the top alongside the Welgun and Owen Gun

The weapon received several damage multiplier and bullet velocity buffs in Season 3 and it should no longer be underestimated. However, it seems players continue to ignore the weapon as WZ Ranked stats prove that it boasts a low pick ratio of just 0.65%.

Interestingly enough, the three weapons with the best K/D in the game at the moment are SMGs. The Owen Gun has a 1.38 K/D, the Welgun has a 1.37 K/D, and the Armaguerra has a 1.32 K/D. As you can see the Armaguerra can compete with the best weapons in the game.

Armaguerra 43 in Warzone and Vanguard

There isn’t much separating these SMGs, yet the Owen Gun and Welgun have pick ratios of 4.92% and 3.19% respectively. Both weapons blow the Armaguerra out of the water in terms of popularity, as Warzone Season 3 players have failed to notice just how deadly the SMG can be.

With many players calling for additional Owen Gun nerfs, you may want to look into getting acquainted with the Armaguerra as it is poised to take over the SMG meta in Season 3. Check out our recommended Warzone Armaguerra loadout for the best attachments to use.

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