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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

JGOD gives one simple tip to instantly improve your aim in Warzone on console FOV

Warzone expert JGOD has explained how controller players can easily improve their aim, regardless of their FOV.



JGOD with controller in warzone season 3

Console players often complain that having a lower FOV makes aiming harder, but top Warzone YouTuber JGOD has explained how players can instantly improve their aim with one simple trick.

Ever since Call of Duty went cross-platform, allowing PC and console players to queue against each other, there’s been a constant debate. Some mouse and keyboard players feel that aim assist gives controller players a major advantage, while console players feel that being locked at a field of view (FOV) of 80 gives a ton of disadvantages.

They feel that one of the major FOV disadvantages is recoil control, where having your screen zoomed in gives more visual recoil, making it more difficult to shoot straight. However, YouTuber and Warzone expert JGOD has explained the one simple trick console players can use to control recoil on 80 FOV.

Warzone player fighting in Season 3 Gulag

JGOD explains how to improve aim in Warzone

Most players now understand that to control recoil, you need to pull down on the right thumbstick until you hit a sweet spot where you’re perfectly countering the recoil and staying on target. However, JGOD explains that making “macro adjustments” can throw this off, and he has a simple solution to the problem.

JGOD recommends that players use the left stick to aim as well as the right. Once players find the sweet spot to control their recoil with their right stick, players should then strafe with the left to move around and stay on target.

He said that with aim assist bubbles, players usually only have to make a small adjustment to hit their target, and strafing rather than moving the crosshair is the easiest way to do so. He said it’s easy to “over adjust” with the right stick, but the left stick allows you to “line up with the target.”

Plus, he explained that strafing while shooting will offer more rotational aim assist up to 200m, so you’ll find that your aim assist will actually be stickier while moving.

JGOD also explains the easiest ways to find that recoil control sweet spot and more, so we highly recommend checking out his full video embedded above.

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Image Credit: Activision / JGOD