Warzone expert reveals best Battle Royale weapons following major health increase

Luca Di Marzo
Caldera Warzone PKM AK-47

The Season 2 Reloaded update increased player health in Battle Royale modes and this drastic change has altered the best weapons to use in Warzone when it comes to TTK.

After testing an increase to player health in Vanguard Royale, the Warzone devs revealed that the change would also make its way to BR modes when the two merged with the Season 2 Reloaded update.

Since the update went live on March 23, players have had some time to dissect the change and how it impacts gameplay. The new mechanic has resulted in a shift to the meta and new weapons have emerged as Warzone’s best thanks to their impressive TTK.

Thankfully, a Warzone expert has put together a video highlighting the most dominant weapons following the change.

Warzone Rebirth Island Reinforced Operators

For those who may have missed it in the Season 2 Reloaded patch notes, base Warzone health has increased from 100 to 150 in traditional BR modes. The devs implemented this change to balance gameplay and ensure that players don’t die too fast across Caldera.

With armor, players can now hit a maximum of 300 HP, which has had an impact on the weapon meta. As a result, weapons that can kill with fewer bullets are starting to stand out. JGOD already revealed that the weapons that deal high damage per shot will stand out following the update.

Best TTK weapons in Warzone after health buff

Warzone content creator and stats expert WhosImmortal has put together a list of weapons that are sure to excel in BR modes after the health increase. Most of these weapons boast fantastic damage per mag on top of a quick TTK.

You’ll notice some surprises such as the PKM LMG which makes the list and the Warzone expert claims that the stats don’t lie, “the TTK here is so close to the Bren and in many ways, it’s easier to use.”

The video focuses on highlighting weapons that offer impressive TTK over long-range. Some of the other weapons that stand out with the new shots to kill requirement include the Vargo 52, AK-47, CR-56 AMAX, and SVT-40.

We highly recommend checking out the full video embedded above, where you can find the ideal attachments and full loadouts for the best Warzone weapons following the health buff.

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Image Credit: Activision

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