Warzone expert begs devs to give weapons more recoil

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Warzone stats expert Anthony Zachman, also known as ‘TrueGameData’, is begging the devs to give weapons in the battle royale more recoil.

Warzone is finally getting some new content as Season 3 of the battle royale draws to a close. Warzone Pacific Season 4 looks to bring much-needed change and new content to the game, after a fairly stagnant meta throughout Season 3.

Despite the NZ-41 recently claiming the top spot, the season has been dominated by weapons with easy-to-control recoil like the STG44, BAR, and Type 11 LMG.

It seems Warzone stats expert TrueGameData is fed up of this trend, calling for the devs to give weapons more recoil.

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On June 20, 2022, TrueGameData made a tweet regarding the recoil of weapons in Warzone Pacific Season 3, begging the devs to “please give guns some recoil.”

The Warzone Season 3 meta has been dominated by weapons with the potential to absolutely destroy enemies at range thanks to light recoil and great damage. These weapons include the STG44 and the NZ-41, which have been among the most popular weapons for the season.

TrueGameData says he is “tired of being beamed from 150m with them [the opponents] not missing a single shot.”

Clearly, the Warzone stats expert feels the weapons need more recoil, and that it should be harder for players to hit all of their shots when shooting players at range.

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It seems they aren’t the only one who feels this way either, as players in the comments also share similar opinions. One Twitter user states: “This is pretty much why I stopped playing WZ, ARs and LMGs out classing every single other gun at range is so boring.”

The user goes on to say that “this is why the recent sniper nerf is quite frustrating, because now there’s no real competition at med to long range.”

Hopefully, Season 4 can address these issues, as it really is a shame just how limited the Warzone meta has become, especially since the Cold War and Modern Warfare guns have become so weak compared to Vanguards’.

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Image Credits: Activision