Warzone analyst claims Bren LMG got secretly nerfed

Hamza Khalid
Bren in Warzone Caldera

A new report from Warzone analyst TrueGameData claims that the popular Bren LMG received a secret nerf to its locational damage multipliers in a recent update.

The Bren LMG has remained one of Warzone Pacific’s most popular weapons, and this can be attributed to its impressive aiming stability and range. Even with the nerfs that it received, the weapon continues to be dominant.

However, Warzone analyst TrueGameData has warned players that the Bren LMG might have received a set of secret nerfs in a recent update, causing it to dish out even less damage than it did before.

vanguard bren warzone

TrueGameData tweeted that the Warzone Bren appears to have gotten “a stealth nerf sometime in the last couple of patches.” The analyst then elaborated that the upper arm and stomach damage multipliers “now do lower extremities damage.”

This means using the Bren to target your enemy’s upper arm and stomach will no longer deal chest damage to them. These types of changes can greatly affect the weapon’s pick rate throughout the season.

However, TrueGameData made it clear that players don’t need to worry about the weapon being unusable in Warzone Pacific Season 2, as the LMG still remains “top tier.”

One user reply claimed that these changes have been in effect since the Warzone Pacific Season 2 launch. That update listed nerfs to the Bren’s chest and limb damage but didn’t specify whether or not these changes were in line with lower-extremity values.

TrueGameData may have simply missed that patch or this nerf could be from a later Warzone Pacific update. Regardless, these changes have caused the Bren LMG to dish out less damage than it did before.

However, players shouldn’t be too worried as the Bren has been nerfed before and that hasn’t stopped it from being a viable pick in Warzone. You can still make the weapon into a powerhouse with the right attachments.

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