Warzone 2’s The Shop explained: Purchase weapons from enhanced Buy Stations

Luca Di Marzo
Warzone 2 shop explained

Loadout drops were a staple of the original Warzone battle royale, but Warzone 2 players will have to purchase their weapons from enhanced Buy Stations called The Shop instead.

Warzone fans received a ton of new information from the Call of Duty Next event as content creators and streamers were lucky enough to test out an early version of Warzone 2. Several new features were revealed during the gameplay showcase like the new Gulag, new circle mechanics, and the Al Mazrah map.

While all eyes were on the new features set to improve the Warzone experience, players couldn’t help but notice one drastic exclusion. It seems loadout drops will not be included in Warzone 2.

Instead, you’ll have to access new and improved versions of Buy Stations called The Shop to secure your custome weapon builds. At these locations, you’ll be able to “buy and upgrade equipment and weapons, including the custom weapons you created before dropping in.”

Loadout drops have been an integral part of Warzone gameplay since the game’s early days. Alongside weapons, the feature would also allow players to harness equipment and Perks after reaching a free loadout drop or purchasing their very own.

Players will only be able to purchase their custom weapons from The Shop in Warzone 2.

Given the removal of loadouts, you’ll have to use The Shop to get you ready for battle. Alongside custom weapons, you’ll also find gear such as Gas Masks, Killstreaks, and Armor.

Much like Buy Stations of the past, players will also be able to buy back their teammates after they’ve been taken out.

The devs made it clear that you will not be able to purchase Perks at The Store, which was another main component of a custom loadout in the original Warzone. While you’ll be able to purchase a limited amount of equipment at The Store, you’re more likely to find Tactical and Lethals as ground loot.

Relying on a free loadout drop to change your weapons depending on your circumstances was a vital aspect of Warzone strategy. This is all set to change in Warzone 2, as you’ll have less direct access to the weapons at your disposal.

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