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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

Dead Silence is a Field Upgrade in Modern Warfare 2, not a Perk

Modern Warfare 2 is set to bring back the always controversial Dead Silence ability, but as a Field Upgrade again rather than a Perk.



Modern Warfare 2 player aiming down sights

Dead Silence will be included in Modern Warfare 2 at launch but will be featured in the game as a Field Upgrade rather than a Perk once again.

Call of Duty Next has arrived, giving us our first look at the highly anticipated Modern Warfare 2, Warzone 2, and Warzone Mobile. With the game’s multiplayer beta starting on September 16, and plenty of announcements from this big presentation, there’s plenty for CoD fans to sink their teeth into.

One of the best things about Call of Duty is the fact that you can play the game your way. Whether you like to rush at enemies with reckless abandon or pick them off from distance with a Sniper Rifle, you can choose your playstyle.

For those who like to sneak around and catch enemies unaware, Dead Silence has been a crutch tool in your arsenal, allowing you to walk around without making any footstep noises. Dead Silence returns in Modern Warfare 2, but as a Field Upgrade and not a Perk.

Modern Warfare players shooting weapon

This means that players will not be able to use Dead Silence for the entirety of a match, but instead will only be able to activate it for a set amount of time.

In 2019’s Modern Warfare, Dead Silence would completely remove all footstep noises for 15 seconds, with the timer restarted if you found a kill while it was active. It also offered an 8% movement speed boost, along you to move around the map at high speeds.

It sounds almost exactly the same in Modern Warfare 2, with the beta’s description reading: “Temporarily makes your footsteps silent. Gun, melee, and throwing knife kills refresh duration.”

Dead Silence has long been a controversial topic in Call of Duty, especially in regards to whether it should be a Perk or a Field Upgrade. While some enjoy the fact that players can’t constantly sneak around quietly, others believe that Modern Warfare’s footsteps are so loud that you need something to dampen the noise.

Regardless, Infinity Ward have stuck to their guns and brought it back as a Field Upgrade again, and it’s likely to be the same way in Warzone 2.

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Image Credits: Infinity Ward