Warzone 2 players slam latest ‘pay-to-win’ bundle that “ruins” DMZ

Warzone 2 Roze skin

The Warzone 2 community is frustrated with a “pay-to-win” bundle that features an Operator skin that allows players that purchase the bundle to easily win matches in a few seconds, “ruining” the DMZ mode as a result.

When Warzone 2 first arrived, one of the ways it set itself apart from previous Call of Duty entries was with the introduction of the Escape from Tarkov-inspired DMZ mode that revolves around extraction.

The Warzone 2 developers keep the game fresh by implementing new content, and players can now get their hands on the Roze and Thorn bundle containing a new Operator skin. However, this bundle has not been received well by the community.

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Players that purchase the bundle will receive the new ‘Thorns Out’ skin for the Roze Operator which comes with a free UAV can wipe out enemy squads. This has frustrated Warzone 2 players who feel that the Operator skin grants its user an easy win. 

DMZ expert ‘Stodeh’ tweeted: “THIS one is the WORST. 3 Man team all pay for this. Wait 60 seconds. Guaranteed team wipe on any squad in the area. They are going to ruin this mode.Just make it so you can pay an amount of COD points to instantly get your insured guns back not this trash.”

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Stodeh then sarcastically added: “Can’t wait for 6 UAVs in a row on Ashika.” One user replied: “Yeah that’s pay to win as hell,” and another stated that players are “at a disadvantage if [they] don’t buy it.”

This wasn’t the only place that this bundle was receiving criticism from the Warzone 2 community, as a post by Reddit user ‘RenanBan’ in the Call of Duty title’s subreddit also draws attention to it.

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The Redditor claimed that these changes are making Warzone 2 “slowly becoming a mobile game.” A few users in the comments of this thread accused the developers of “cash milking with the skins.”

One commenter claimed that Warzone 2’s “pay-to-win bundles” caused them to leave the game and focus on other titles such as Fortnite. Others advised fellow players to stop “wasting money” on these types of bundles.

Players have previously slammed another DMZ bundle for being pay-to-win and the Warzone 2 developers responded to these complaints by making balancing updates to the bundle.

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It’s clear that the Warzone 2 community feels that the new Roze skin gives users an unfair advantage and allows them to quickly end battles with their free UAV Drones.

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Image credits: Activision

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