Warzone 2 players disgusted by “sick” Cthulhu vehicle skin

Hamza Khalid
Tracer Pack Cthulhu in Warzone 2

Warzone 2’s Cthulhu bundle has brought new cosmetic items that players can purchase to use in the game, and the Call of Duty community is disgusted with the appearance of a vehicle skin in the Tracer Pack.

The Warzone 2 developers keep the game fresh with new content, and the Season 4 update brought a plethora of brand-new additions to the Call of Duty title, including new weapons such as the Tempus Razorback and ISO 45.

Warzone 2 also receives cosmetic bundles so that players can equip new skins when going into battle. The Cthulhu bundle added new monster-themed items to the game, and one cosmetic has stirred up criticism.

One of the items included in the bundle is a new skin called ‘Hell Spawn’ that players can equip to the RHIB vehicle after purchasing the bundle for 2,400 CoD Points. However, the Warzone 2 community is not pleased with the way this skin looks.

Reddit user ‘FistOfSven’ shared an image of the Hell Spawn vehicle skin in the Warzone 2 subreddit, and their caption was simply “Oh Hell Nah.” Many of the commenters in the thread agreed with this sentiment after looking at the skin.

One user commented: “What sick f**k would want that?” Another asked every other player in the thread: “What am I looking at?” It’s clear from these responses that the appearance of this vehicle skin has not sat well with players.

Many made jokes about its design, with a few users jokingly referring to it as a “fleshboat” and “Freddy Krueger’s Churro.” There were also a few NSFW comparisons made in the thread, and players were amused that the developers created a vehicle skin like this.

A commenter stated: Imagine going back ten years and showing people this.” However, there were a few players in the thread that seemed eager to buy this boat, either ironically or because they genuinely liked it.

One positive reply to this was: “Reminds me of Scorn, I like it.” Another user sarcastically asked the developers to add “more Diablo-themed s**t in CoD.” This skin is generating a variety of reactions from the Warzone 2 community.

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