Warzone 2 players discover hidden Verdansk Easter Egg

Nathan Warby
Warzone Operators jumping onto Verdansk map in Warzone

Eagled-eyed Warzone 2 players have spotted a hidden tribute to the original Warzone map Verdansk in the new game.

Warzone 2 has finally arrived, and millions of players are poking around Al Mazrah to see everything it has to offer. The new map has been positively received so far, partly thanks to the classic CoD maps that show up as POIs.

Despite the warm welcome for Al Mazrah, much of the community still has a lot of love for the OG Warzone map, Verdansk, and would love to see it make a return in Warzone 2.

There’s no sign of the classic map being playable in Warzone 2 any time soon, but fans have discovered a nice Verdansk easter egg hidden in plain sight.

Reddit user tiktokalnuke found that the default Operator skin for Reyes in Warzone 2 actually features a section of the Verdansk map on his arm.

The OP got a closer look through the weapon inspection feature, which clearly shows a number of roads and buildings that players will recognize from the lefthand side of Verdansk when it first arrived in 2020.

They even included a video of the map from Reyes’ Operator being laid over Verdansk, proving once and for all that this is a deliberate nod hidden by the developers.

Although players are enjoying everything that Al Mazrah has to offer, they clearly appreciated the small easter egg being included in Warzone 2.

“Oh that’s badass, I love these little touches they do,” replied one happy user. “As long as we use this skin, a part of Verdansk will always be with us…” said another.

There’s no doubt that long-time Warzone fans will appreciate the inclusion, but it does raise questions. After all, why would a Warzone 2 Operator need to check the layout of Verdnask mid-game?

Some players argued that the Reyes skin could just be an old asset from the original Warzone that has been repurposed for the sequel, while others were hopeful that it could be a tease of things to come.

It remains to be seen if this Operator skin is just a nod for fans to pick up on, or a subtle hint that Verdansk has a role to play in Warzone 2 later down the line.

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