Warzone 2 players convinced new bundle discounts are based on how many you’ve bought

Warzone 2 samurai OperatorActivision

Warzone 2 players have been left confused after noticing that bundle discounts seem to be “dynamic” based on the number of CoD Points they have purchased.

Warzone 2 is a free-to-play title that fans can access without having to spend any money, as even PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live are not required. Instead, the CoD battle royale relies on seasonal Battle Passes and bundles from the store to make money.

These CoD Store items range from Weapon Blueprints to iconic characters as Operators, such as Ghost or Captain Price. They’re completely optional, but dedicated fans often like to show their support for Warzone 2 by picking up a new skin or camo.

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However, Warzone 2 players have discovered that the cost bundles might be different from player to player, with some speculating it could be based on previous purchases.

Reddit user ‘Frectales’ posted a screenshot claiming that “bundle price discounts are dynamic, per-person.” The image showed a side-by-side comparison of the same bundle, one taken by the OP and another by their friend on the same night.

While Frectales was entitled to a 20% discount that reduced the bundle to 1,900 CoD Points, their friend was only offered 8% and would have to spend 2,200 CoD Points on the same items. In the replies, the OP even clarified that they were both playing Warzone 2 on Battle.net.

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Interestingly, the player went on to explain that the only difference between them and their teammate was the number of in-game purchases they had made in the past. The OP claimed they “haven’t bought anything and I think he bought 1 or 2 bundles.”

Other Warzone 2 players responded, speculating that the discounts vary depending on the number of CoD Points you have at any given time.

“If you have lower cod points it gives u a deal but if you have a surplus of codpoints you don’t get a deal,” said one reply. “It’s like Walmart checking ur wallet when you walk in and if you broke the store is 20% off but if u have lots of money it’s base price.”

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Meanwhile, some players slammed Activision for not communicating the difference in discounts to the community: “I’m curious how people are going to defend this? This should be illegal and is absolutely scummy!”

Activision themselves are yet to address the issue, so only time will tell if they change their approach or give a more in-depth explanation at a later date.

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