Warzone 2 players claim DMZ’s AI are so overpowered they’re “more lethal” than real players

Andrew Highton
cod operators aiming at camp in warzone 2

Warzone 2 has a ton of expert-level AI in its DMZ mode, but players think that they are so extremely difficult to kill that they could be more powerful than real players.

DMZ has been a breath of fresh air for Call of Duty as it delivers gameplay different from the legendary fast-paced nature of Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer.

There is a lot more freedom in Warzone 2‘s DMZ and you can do a ton of exploring, all the while ticking off missions, and earning cool rewards in the process.

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As well as a handful of real players that will be roaming the map trying to complete their objectives, AI enemies can provide just as much of a challenge, especially when they can convene in large groups. It seems that the more top-tier AI soldiers are possibly too overpowered though.

According to Reddit user Far_Formal3888: “Tier 3 AI in DMZ feel more lethal than a squad of real players 90% of the time.”

In DMZ, you have regular soldiers patrolling the map that are kitted out with basic armor and weaponry, but for Strongholds and high-stakes encounters, players will come across heavily armored enemies that can take countless shots to take down.

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“Need to 1v3 a squad with a bounty on you? Great, let’s drop 8 Tier 3 paratroopers right on your head. OR drop them on the enemy squad and watch them get ripped to pieces by the AI and you win the fight by total cheese. It’s comedic how much more deadly a squad of Tier 3 AI are than REAL players,” said the OP.

Another user experiencing the same issues with the AI explained just how OP they can seem in the game: “Up close a Tier 3 is insane, at a distance I feel like the main issue is how many bullets it takes to kill them. Yesterday I went through 3 munitions to wipe out 2 choppers worth of enemies at range. Like 30+ bullets to kill one, absurd.”

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DMZ is expected to be a long-term project for the Call of Duty devs, so we wouldn’t be surprised to see the odd bit of tinkering and testing here and there, so the AI could always be toned down in the future.

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