Warzone 2 players call for major changes to “tedious” DMZ challenges

Nathan Warby
DMZ players wearing gas mask

Warzone 2 players have urged the developers to overhaul the in-game challenges in DMZ, accusing them of being too long and “boring” in their current state.

DMZ was one of the most interesting new additions when Warzone 2 arrived in November, adding a high-risk extraction mode into the mix. The Tarkov-inspired mode puts players into a PvPvE situation, as they desperately try and escape with their new weapons and loot.

So far, DMZ seems to have gone down well with the community as a welcome change of pace from the standard battle royale. However, players have called for a number of changes to make the mode even better.

Having already criticized DMZ’s slow grind, fans have now called out the challenges they are being asked to complete.

In a post on the Warzone subreddit, ‘rosh_anak’ shared a screenshot of their progress through various challenges, many of which required the same items to be extracted multiple times. “DMZ missions need to be changed asap. This is unreal,” the OP said.

Other players seemed to agree that challenges are too long and drawn out, without posing much of a challenge to complete.

“I don’t understand how anybody can look at these boring/tedious missions and be like ‘yeah these are fine/fun,’ replied ‘Toxicdeath88.’ “A lot of these missions are only able to be completed based on how lucky you can be in finding certain items(GPU/vintage wine), thus making their completion solely reliant on RNG.

“These are some of the worst-designed missions (challenges) I’ve ever done in a video game.”

The biggest problem that players seemed to have is that DMZ challenges don’t strike the right balance between difficulty and time to complete.

“There’s challenging and ‘done over time’, then there’s annoying and tedious. The missions err towards the latter the higher tier you get,” said ‘thatsnotwhatIneed.’

Another concern was that there has been no word on whether or not challenges will carry over into Season 2. If progress is wiped with each new season, then players felt they are being forced to grind boring missions just to complete them before time runs out.

It’s worth keeping in mind that DMZ is still in its beta phase, so there will be issues to iron out over time. We’ll have to wait and see if the devs change their approach to challenges in future seasons.

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Image credit: Activision