Warzone 2 player gets one year of Double XP but there’s a catch

Joseph Pascoulis
warzone 2 mountain dew operator skin reward

A Warzone 2 player has been awarded one year’s worth of Double XP, but unfortunately, it isn’t as great as it sounds.

With the official launch of Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 Season 1, players have been rushing to level up the Battle Pass and unlock the final Golden Zeus Operator skin.

While grinding out multiplayer matches, DMZ, and battle royale games are vital to leveling up fast, Double XP Tokens can be an incredible help. Players are awarded these tokens through the Battle Pass, as well as through promotional rewards.

One lucky player has actually won the Grand Prize for the Mtn Dew x Modern Warfare 2 promotion, earning themself a year’s worth of Double XP, but there’s a catch.

Reddit user CranberryCarney is the lucky player who won the Grand Prize, putting a post up in the Warzone subreddit asking “how and why I have a 1 YEAR double XP [token].”

Users in the post’s comments were quick to point out that the player had won one of the “possible “grand prize” things you could get from the Mountain Dew codes.” The OP responds by saying “BRUHHHH wtf,” clearly shocked by the discovery.

While it seems incredible and very lucky, after some digging, there’s a catch.

This year’s worth of Double XP is rather “1 hour of 2XP every day for 365 days,” meaning that it’s actually 365 hours of Double XP.

While this is still pretty great, some in the comments of CharlieIntel’s post are calling it “false advertising,” as it’s not actually a year of Double XP, but rather just over 15 days worth.

Furthermore, it also comes with the question and confusion of when the Double XP is actually activated. As there’s no in-game Double XP counter for when you use a timed token, the player is oblivious as to when one of the 365 hours is active.

Hopefully, Activision can shed more light on the Grand Prize, and perhaps even add an in-game time for Double XP Tokens so that players are more aware of their activation.

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Image Credits: Activision