Warzone 2 hackers are wreaking havoc with flying boats

Liam Mackay
flying boat in warzone 2

While Warzone 2 has been relatively free from cheaters with the launch of RICOCHET anti-cheat, hackers are brazenly flying boats through the skies of Al Mazrah.

While cheating in Call of Duty usually takes the form of wallhacks and aimbots, every now and again it falls on the side of downright ridiculous. In Verdansk we saw motorbikes plummet from the sky to squish unsuspecting players, and Caldera brought flying cars which some dubbed the Harry Potter glitch.

Warzone 2 launched with RICOCHET anti-cheat, and the level of complaints have been nowhere near the same as Verdansk or even Caldera. But, hackers have found a way to bring back flying vehicles, causing mayhem with boats this time.

In one clip posted by Reddit user Co2Scorpick, we can see a boat swish and swoop through the air before trying to squish the player but fortunately, missed. The hackers flew in the air dodging their bullets for a while before abandoning ship.

In another instance, u/SandmanDr3am3r was in an intense firefight in Sa’id city before they were rudely interrupted by a flying boat. Just before the player was knocked, they turned around to see a boat fly meters above the ground before flying away.

It apparently is a hack rather than a strange glitch, as Co2Scorpick claimed the cheaters saw their clip and invited them to take a trip in their flying boat.

Players were feeling conflicted about the return of this classic hack, with one player saying that “I hate hackers but this s**t is so ridiculous that it’s kinda funny,” and plenty more comments were in a similar vein.

Don’t expect the flying boat hack to be in Al Mazrah for long, as the anti-cheat team were quick to get rid when it cropped up before.

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Image Credit: Activision