Warzone 2 guru claims “ignored” attachment set to take over meta in Season 3

Nathan Warby
Warozne 2 players aiming down sight in Firing Range

A Warzone 2 weapon is only as good as the loadout players build for it, and CoD expert Sally is a Dog has revealed the underrated optic that could replace the meta Aim OP-V4.

Warzone 2 players are always looking for ways to gain the upper hand on their opponents, whether it’s by adjusting their audio with secret settings or simply building out deadly loadouts for one of the game’s best weapons.

Weapons come and go depending on buffs and nerfs, but as the Warzone 2 meta has developed, certain attachments have emerged as the go-to options. One of these is the Aim OP-V4, which has become the dominant optic on most automatic weapons.

However, CoD YouTuber Sally is a Dog has revealed there is a sight that tops it in Warzone 2, and players are missing out.

In a recent upload to his channel, Sally is a Dog claimed that the SZ Recharge-DX has the “same visual recoil as the Aim OP-V4,” but after trying it out felt that the Recharge offered a “larger area of view.”

This is vital in Warzone 2 gunfights, as the more you can while aiming down sights makes it easier to pick off enemies and adjust your aim on the fly.

He went on to explain that the main reason the Aim OP-V4 become the meta optic for so long is that players didn’t want to stray from what is popular and risk leaving themselves at a disadvantage.

“It pretty much boils down to consensus,” Sally is a Dog explained. “When this game first came out, there was a frantic dash to find the best attachments. But there really hasn’t been much innovation as far as the scope department goes.”

With this in mind, the YouTuber believes that the SZ Recharge-DX is a “better scope” that we’ve been “ignoring” in favor of the AIM OP-V4.

So, if you’re running a meta Assault Rifle like the Kastov 762 or STB-556, consider switching to this optic for improved visibility without sacrificing recoil stability.

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Image credit: Activision

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