Warzone 2 gas glitch is killing players in the Gulag & stopping respawns

Andrew Highton
warzone 2 operators fighting in the gulag

Warzone 2’s gulag is now killing players before they even get a chance to fight as a gas glitch is killing players while they await their fate.

One of the core aspects of the original Warzone that helped it stand out from its competitors was the Gulag, a 1v1 arena that allowed two fallen players to face off in a sudden death shootout, with the winner being allowed another chance to enter the game.

Warzone 2 has reshaped the concept by making it a 2v2 duel now, but the premise is still very much the same. When you initially land yourself in the Gulag as a prisoner of war, there at least has to be opponents to fight first.

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If there isn’t, then you’re lucky and can grab yourself a free pass back into Al Mazrah. In some cases though, the gas is entering the realms of the Gulag and killing anyone unfortunate enough to get caught up in it.

Reddit user twstrrr had fallen during a game of Warzone 2, with the player facing the potentially one-way trip to the Gulag. With the game ticking on and only 50 players left, their wait in the Gulag was a silent one as no foes awaited them.

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Thinking they were probably going to get an easy pass back to the battle royale, they were shocked to see the wall of gas appear out of nowhere and slowly approach them. It eventually engulfed the player and killed them seconds before the game was about to respawn them back in Al Mazrah.

It doesn’t stop there though: “Got killed by gas in the Gulag, didn’t respawn and [my] friend couldn’t buy me back at the store,” the OP said on the clip, meaning they were completely locked out.

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From the outset, this seems like a gas glitch or an oversight on the part of the devs, but one Warzone 2 commenter wasn’t so sure. “I actually like this feature, prevents camping in the Gulag,” they said, suggesting that this is actually a conscious design choice.

If it is, then players might feel this is harsh given that they’re being robbed of their one chance to resurrect themself. If it’s a glitch, like the Gulag execution glitch, then it might be something the devs need to look at before Season 1 Reloaded.

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Image Credit: Activision.

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