Warzone 2 Combat Record delayed beyond Season 1 Reloaded & players are furious

Luca Di Marzo
Warzone 2 Operators

Warzone 2 players were supposed to receive the Combat Record feature with the Season 1 Reloaded update, but the devs have revealed that a delay will hold it back for time being, causing frustration in the player base.

Warzone 2’s Season 1 Reloaded update arrives on December 14, bringing the brand-new Chimera Assault Rifle, the Rocket League-inspired Warzone Cup mode, and the return of Mini Royale.

However, not all of the features that the devs promised will make their way to the game following the update. The Warzone 2 Combat Record was supposed to debut on December 14, but the devs announced that the desired feature has been delayed.

Tweeting on December 13, the day before the update, the Call of Duty Twitter account confirmed Combat Records won’t be launching with Season 1 Reloaded.

“Although previously announced, Warzone 2.0 Combat Records will not be launching with Season 01 Reloaded due to the accuracy of the data population,” the tweet read. “However, we continue to work on this feature and the implementation of Leaderboards and will provide an update when available.”

This has caused frustration amongst Warzone 2 players who believe the fundamental feature should have been present at launch and are even more annoyed by the delay.

“So February? WOW,” replied CoD YouTuber JGOD, referring to the Season 2 update which is expected to arrive on February 1.

“Devastating I was looking forward to grinding like that,” said Warzone pro Jukeyz, and stats expert TrueGameData said he wishes they “had put beta in the title of Warzone 2 as well, not just DMZ.”

“No problem! This is incredibly intensive work,” responded FaZe Jev sarcastically. “None of us could imagine the undertaking. Take your time! Love you guys!”

Top players and streamers have been trying their hardest to hunt Nukes and grind wins to prove that they’re the best in Warzone 2 since the game launched on November 16, and with no confirmation that Season 1 Reloaded stats will be tracked, they’re worried it’s all going to go to waste.

If they can rectify the issue soon then Warzone 2’s Combat Record could arrive during Season 1 Reloaded. Otherwise, Season 2 is the next major content update expected on February 1 as the Season 1 Battle Pass comes to a close.

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Image Credit: Activision