How does Warzone 2’s new circle mechanics work in Al Mazrah?

Liam Mackay
Final circle in call of duty warzone

Warzone 2’s ever-closing circle is the battle royale genre’s defining feature, so let’s look through the major changes to Warzone’s different circle mechanics in Al Mazrah.

Warzone launched as part of Modern Warfare back in March 2020, and Modern Warfare 2 brings ‘Warzone 2.0‘ on November 16. The sequel is an entirely new game featuring the brand-new Al Mazrah map, all of Modern Warfare’s weapons and Operators, and new mechanics such as the Gulag 2.0.

Whether it be a storm, a ring of gas, or a lethal forcefield, the ever-closing ring is a staple of the battle royale genre. Warzone 2 doesn’t just change the game’s looting and armor systems but there will actually be changes to the circle feature in Al Mazrah.

Warzone 2 circle mechanic explained: Multiple circles

First revealed at the Call of Duty Next event, content creators such as Swagg and NICKMERCS got to experience the uniqueness of split circles as Warzone 2 rips up the battle royale rulebook to deliver something fresh.

The devs explained that the progression of a circle will differ from game to game with some matches featuring the traditional single circle that players have come to associate with BR.

On the other hand, the circle can also be split into three different circles spread out evenly across Al Mazrah. This will chop up the field into its own different sections and create matches within matches essentially.

So, the open-ended nature of a match’s direction will constantly keep players on their toes as they won’t be 100% how the circle will react.

warzone 2 circle mechanic explained

The blog would go on to describe how players can manipulate the broken-up circles to create different gameplay experiences as they entirely alter the dynamic of a match.

For example, if you get to a scenario in which there are three separate circles, then this opens up two doors – close-range combat and long-range combat.

Close-range combat

If you find yourself surviving long enough to be present inside one of multiple circles, then it means that gameplay is going to become a lot more compact and fights up close and personal will be more frequent.

So having a top SMG such as the Lachmann SMG MP5 could be your best friend in situations like this.

Long-range combat

Also, if you have a high-enough vantage point and have a long-range weapon such as a Sniper Rifle, then you may have the opportunity to pick off enemies at a distance – even through the decreased visibility caused by the sandstorm.

Circles are set to completely change the way Warzone is played and the notion of multiple circles will always keep Warzone 2 players vigilant and on their toes.

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Image Credit: Activision