Warzone devs deploy fix for unbreakable Gas Mask glitch in Season 3

Andrew Highton
warzone season 3 gas mask

After Warzone’s dreaded unlimited Gas Mask glitch, allowing players to survive the gas forever, returned in Season 3, Raven Software deployed a fix for the frustrating exploit.

It’s no secret that Warzone has constantly battled game-breaking demons that cast a negative light on the game. Verdansk ’84 is a truly gigantic map, and as such, it’s understandable that it’s going to be hard to keep on top of everything.

But in the last few months of Warzone Season 2 and Season 3, players have had to contend with repeated instances of the Stim Glitch, players still glitching under the map, and most recently the ability to jump obscene distances.

The Gas Mask glitch also returned, with those abusing the exploit hiding in the gas and cheating their way to win after win. However, Raven Software deployed a fix for the issue on May 13.

cod warzone operator gas mask

There’s nothing more aggravating than competing for over 20 minutes, killing, reviving, and restocking to try and win a game of Warzone, only for someone to glitch their way to victory. It’s also even more concerning when it doesn’t seem obvious how your opponent was able to employ such drastic methods.

But this is what happened to Reddit user kobosil41 when they spectated a Warzone player blatantly utilizing this forgotten glitch.

The player was openly running around in the lethal gas with a Gas Mask on, but instead of benefiting from a few seconds of immunity, you can see in the bottom corner the mask was automatically replenishing itself.

We sadly don’t get to see what the outcome was, but with apparent invulnerability to the gas, there’s a good chance the player went on to win. This problem wasn’t unique to kobosil41, as players getting free wins via this frustrating glitch terrorized game after game of Season 3.

However, in keeping with Raven Software’s commitment to dealing with glaring bugs, issues, and weapon balance, they deployed a hotfix for the issue on May 13. On their official Trello board, Raven said, “An exploit has been addressed that was allowing players to use the Gas Mask indefinitely.”

On the card, they have confirmed that they are still monitoring the issue, so will likely be quick to respond if the worst happens again.

This comes soon after the devs banned a hacker live on TimTheTatMan and CouRage’s stream, but players are still eager for changes to the frustrating Gas Mask animation.

Image Credit: Activision

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