Tommey begs Warzone devs to address stream-sniping issues

Liam Mackay
Tommey calls out stream-sniping

Following stream-snipers plaguing Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag’s $100k Warzone tournament, professional player and streamer Tom “Tommey” Trewren has once again begged the devs to fix the Streamer Mode.

Competitive Warzone has become insanely popular and successful across Twitch and YouTube, but Warzone’s cheating problem has arguably damaged its competitive integrity. Internet celebrity Vikkstar made headline news by quitting Warzone over the problem, and top streamer NICKMERCS has stopped playing competitively.

Tommey, a Warzone pro for 100 Thieves, has been extremely vocal about Warzone’s stream sniping problem. This is where a player spectates the streamer’s live gameplay to get information on their whereabouts, often with the purpose of hunting them down. These complaints have resurfaced following an incident in a $100,000 Warzone tournament.

Nadeshot Warzone invitational teams

Warzone has a Streamer Mode which, when enabled, hides the names of every other player in the lobby. However, top Warzone players have long complained this is ineffective, and Raven Software responded on May 14, saying that they’re listening to the feedback.

Tommey has once again urged Raven to better implement the Streamer Mode after he was stream-sniped in Nadeshot’s $100k Warzone Invitational.

“Hi Raven Software,” Tommey tweeted on May 18. “You guys have been incredible the last few months with fixing things and interacting with the community, I just really want to know if you plan on changing the streamer mode? People suck and do this sh*t daily.”

This tweet was accompanied by a video of another streamer realizing they were killed by Tommey. “No way, that’s Tommey,” they broadcasted to their audience. “He’s in 100 Thieves. F***ing pu**y, I hate that f***ing guy.”

As they entered the Gulag, the streamer realized that Tommey was streaming a tournament, and said “I’m stream-sniping this pu**y,” before trying to drop back in to hunt him down by watching his stream.

All that players need to do is pull up the streamer’s stream to get almost live information on their whereabouts. Stream-sniping most commonly happens after a streamer’s name is recognized in-game, so top players believe Streamer Mode that hides your name when activated would a go long way in fixing the issue.

The replies to Tommey’s tweet were filled with notable names in the Warzone community, with JGOD, CouRage, Swagg, and Symfuhny expressing their frustration and echoing the calls for a proper Streamer Mode. “Sad part is, this happened multiple times today (as it does to near all streamers),” said Tommey.

Raven Software has confirmed that they’re listening to feedback regarding the Streamer Mode, so we’re likely to see a fix arrive in the future.

Image Credit: Tommey / Activision

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