100 Thieves Tommey apologizes after accusing Warzone tournament opponent of cheating

Matt Porter
Tommey and Warzone player

100 Thieves streamer Tom ‘Tommey’ Trewren has apologised after footage he reviewed on stream of a fellow Warzone Twitch Rivals competitor who ended up being disqualified from the competition.

Since leaving Call of Duty esports behind for Warzone, the Brit has quickly become one of the game’s most recognizable faces. With the battle royale currently struggling with the massive influx of cheaters playing the game, Tommey has come to the forefront of calling these hackers out.

During January 22’s $250,000 Warzone Twitch Rivals tournament, Tommey along with many others in the tournament, accused METZY_B and his team of cheating, which eventually led to the trio being disqualified from the tournament.

As the dust settles on the event and the scandal though, Tommey has made a public apology to METZY_B and his team, admitting that he made a mistake.

In the clip taken from METZY_B’s stream, Tommey believed that the way he locked on to players jumping out of a window indicated that the player had been using some sort of cheat, claiming that his aim had “locked onto the guy by accident.”

While some agreed with the Brit, many felt that one clip was too little to go on, and that METZY_B shouldn’t have lost out on a chance to earn money from the Warzone tournament due to some suspicious moments during a game.

After receiving feedback from the community, and actually looking through METZY_B’s PC files, the 100 Thieves streamer tweeted: “Fully understand the hate I’m receiving, and it’s deserved. There just wasn’t enough to by to give my opinion, from the stuff I saw I believed something was off, but there just wasn’t enough to go as far as it did and to have everyone saying he cheated.”

“I apologize for that. I didn’t want to take it any further, but nobody else seemed to care and he asked if I’d talk to him so he can prove he was clean, which he did. I’ll hold my hands up and admit we were wrong. I’m sorry for letting a lot of you down.”

METZY_B has yet to respond to Tommey’s apology, however in response to a member of the Warzone community, the Warzone pro stated he would give his earnings from the $200,000 Twitch Rivals tournament to the wrongly accused if he wanted them.

While METZY_B has been exonerated, cheating remains a major issue in Call of Duty: Warzone, with many claiming the game’s anti-cheat doesn’t do enough to combat the issue.

Some major streamers have already decided to stop competing in tournaments, with NICKMERCS stating that he won’t take part in future competitions due to the hacking issues plaguing the title.