Raven Software respond to Warzone bug hiding Buy Stations

Liam Mackay
Samantha Maxis using Buy Station in Warzone

Warzone’s November 3 update has broken Buy Stations, hiding them from the map until players get near. However, Raven Software have acknowledged the bug and responded.

We’re only a day away from Call of Duty: Vanguard, but Raven Software are keeping Warzone ticking over until Warzone Pacific lands in December, bringing the new anti-cheat system and Caldera map.

Raven released a small update on November 3 that fixed several bugs but also caused a new one. Buy Stations are now hidden from the map until you get close, making it much more difficult to plan your drops and buy everything you need for the match ahead.

However, Raven Software were quick to respond to this new issue.

Raven Software announced the November 3 patch via Twitter, which included all of the upcoming playlists, as well as the bug fixes. However, the update also brought a new bug to the game.

You can no longer see any Buy Stations on the map when flying in through the Helicopters. After landing, you need to approach a Buy Station to see them all on the map.

A Twitter user replied, saying “Buy Stations are completely gone from the map until you get next to one. Can’t imagine this was intentional.” Warzone’s devs replied, confirming “Nope! It’s a bug and we’re looking into it.”

Raven also made a new Trello board dedicated specifically to Warzone, that lists all of the bugs and issues on it. They have the issue where Ghost doesn’t work properly in Private and Public Matches, but the Buy Station bug hasn’t been added yet.

Once Raven Software announce a fix for this annoying issue, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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Image Credit: Raven Software

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