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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Warzone players furious over “lazy” premium bundles with identical rewards

Warzone players are furious over “lazy” in-game previous bundles that seem to contain near-identical cosmetic rewards.



Watch in Warzone

While premium bundles provide Warzone players with new cosmetics, fans are furious about a near-identical cosmetic item being found in two different bundles, labeling the work as “lazy.”

Warzone has a ton of fun content for fans to enjoy, and the developers often add new cosmetic items like Operator skins and weapon blueprints. Some of the game’s most popular cosmetics can only be obtained from premium bundles.

While the items being offered are supposed to be unique, that’s not always the case. Now, Warzone players are calling the devs “lazy” after noticing a near-identical item up for sale again in Season 6.

CARV 2 tactical rifle in Cold War

Reddit user Whiskauskas33 shared images of two similar-looking watches in Warzone. The first is ‘McClane’s watch,’ from Season 3 and the other one is the new ‘Silver Diver watch.’ an item that was just introduced in Season 6.

In terms of appearance, both of these cosmetics appear to be exact copies of each other. The straps, cuts, and watch face look almost exactly alike. “This is just lazy,” wrote the Redditor.

Many of the other commenters also expressed their distaste for the decision to re-release the same cosmetic under a different name. “You call it lazy, I call it maximum profit with minimum effort,” one user joked.

While many of the comments were upset about this, a few users decided that this was a trivial matter that’s not worth getting furious over, stating that the developers have other things to deal with.

“The simplest answer is: watches are just not a high priority for folks to care about. You’d get more people to care if it was a weapon variant being blatantly recycled, or an Operator skin, but we all know Activision isn’t gonna do that,” said one comment.

Activision have yet to respond to this controversy. One interesting thing is that while the watches seem to be exact copies in Warzone, they have slightly different looks in Black Ops Cold War multiplayer.

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Image Credit: Activision