Possible Warzone Season 3 teaser discovered in Superstore

Liam Mackay
Verdansk Superstore in Warzone

A new teaser discovered in Verdansk’s Superstore has made Warzone’s 1980s overhaul all the more likely for Season 3.

Most battle royale games, such as Fortnite, PUBG, and Apex Legends have several maps that change over time. This has led to much speculation that Warzone would be receiving another map down the line. We received Rebirth Island with Cold War’s integration, but players are desperate for changes to the 150 player battleground.

It was first rumored that Warzone would head to Urzikstan, the fictional setting for much of Modern Warfare, then Cold War’s Ural Mountains became the most likely candidate. We never received the Urzikstan map, and a leak has since revealed that the Ural Mountains was designed for a scrapped ‘Blackout 2.0.’

Cold War's Ural Mountains Alpine map

Now, however, we understand that Warzone’s Verdansk will be going back in time to a 1980s setting. As Cold War (set in the 80s) and Modern Warfare share a universe, a 1980s Verdansk is the perfect way to continue and expand on the developing story.

As noticed by Reddit user PuppyFTW, a new teaser for Season 3 has arrived in Superstore. Inside Superstore, a poster for the 1980s Moscow Summer Olympics has been found. This new poster alongside the leaked commercial for 1980s Verdansk makes Warzone’s 1980s overhaul all the more likely.

The United States led a boycott against these games in protest of the Soviet Union’s invasion of Afghanistan in 1979, and many countries joined in. With Russia’s invasion of Urzikstan being crucial to Modern Warfare’s plot, this real-life event could be used as inspiration for Warzone’s developing storyline.

With a poster from the 1980s remaining in Superstore until the present day, this could also be a hint that this fan-favorite location will remain after the overhaul.

Zombies have nearly overrun present-day Verdansk and a leaked upcoming game mode has revealed that it’s likely to end with Verdansk being nuked. We’ll just have to wait and see how this supposed nuke event will bring Verdansk back to the 80s.

It’s likely that more teasers for the highly anticipated Season 3 will continue to pop up around Verdansk and Cold War’s multiplayer.

Image Credit: Activision