NICKMERCS reveals which gun will replace the Kilo 141 in Warzone

Andrew Highton

The Kilo 141 is firmly established as one of the best weapons to use in Warzone, if not the best weapon. However, NICKMERCS believes its reign is coming to an end and discusses the next meta-breaker.

One of the Call of Duty community’s biggest voices has discussed why the Kilo 141 may not be the King much longer. Since the game began, the Kilo has dominated and won so many games for players because of its practically unmatched accuracy and damage.

There has been lots of talk of Infinity Ward nerfing the beastly Assault Rifle to make other weapons suitable and provide effective balancing. In the event of this happening, NICKMERCS has opened up the door to another weapon taking its place.

kilo 141 in warzone

The Kilo 141’s successor

The opinions towards guns from Call of Duty personalities have been known to change quite frequently. They’ll say one gun is on the way out, another is coming in, and then continue to use the gun that’s supposedly on the way out.

However, the Kilo has pretty much been a constant gun for Warzone, even going as far back as when Modern Warfare initially launched too.

When NICKMERCS is talking about the incoming update for Warzone and it’s integration into Black Ops Cold War, it makes you think a bit more if he’s right this time.

Thanks to his followers’ recommendations, Nick switched to the CR-56 AMAX and used it in his Warzone matches. These are his initial thoughts on the Amax: “The Amax is a great gun; I think it’s one of the strongest guns in the game for sure, but it’s just that recoil man, it’s got that weird bounce to it, I don’t love it, I like it.”

During the course of the video, he gets plenty of kills with it and seems to perform pretty well.

How much of that boils down to the AMAX remains to be seen, and it wouldn’t be a surprise if he has already switched to a new gun by the time his next video comes out.

Image credits: Infinity Ward, NICKMERCS

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